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Sabado, Setyembre 29, 2012


Your voice stays here in my mind
It's really one of a kind
As I look into your eyes
I know this love never dies

This thoughts here in my heart
I feel no more hurt
My love come with me
It's just you and me

No boundaries, no shame
No need to blame
Cause you're all I need
Just like a seed

I need to grow with you
Because I love you
No one can tear us apart
Even death do it's part


Each and Everyday I miss you
I miss you more and more
You know how hard it felt?
It's like years without you

But what if we go separate ways?
Would that be okay?
Shall we forgive and forget?
Though it's hard to forget, I'll try

But please don't say it
I don't want to hear those words
I just want you
I just don't love you no more


It's hard to express my feelings
I'am not sure of what I want
It's just that, I miss you more
I'am not like this, then you came

You brought me this change
You give me inspiration
You showed me the meaning of Love
You stayed by my side

But where are you now?
It seems like you're gone
Oh! my prince where are you now?
Please don't leave me hanging